User testing

Are you an experienced Cochrane review author and interested in user testing a new tool for addressing conflicts of interest in trials?


The TACIT Steering group is looking for experienced Cochrane review authors who are interested in user testing a new conflicts of interest tool. TACIT, Tool for Addressing Conflicts of Interest in Trials, is a tool that provides review authors with a framework for addressing conflicts of interest in trials included in Cochrane Reviews and other systematic reviews. The preliminary version of the tool has been developed by the TACIT working group, a collaboration of trial and systematic review methodologists, conflicts of interest researchers and editors. Tool development has been guided by empirical research on conflicts of interest in trials and the tool is now ready in a preliminary version for user testing.


The aim of the user testing is to gain practical experience from end users of the tool as a basis for further revisions.


Who are you?

You are a Cochrane review author who has:

1) authored at least three Cochrane reviews, AND

2a) is first/last author of at least one review OR

2b) is a methodologist


How is user testing done?

User testing includes preparation using online and written materials, a TACIT assessment exercise, a 1-hour online discussion workshop, and a 30 minute video interview.


When is user-testing planned?

The online workshop is expected to take place in March 2023. Materials will be sent in advance and video interviews are planned shortly after the workshop.


Why should you participate?

You main gain experience with a new conflicts of interest tool and ensure that the tool is informative and easy to use.


If you are interested in participating or want to learn more, please contact lead researcher Erlend Faltinsen at We look forward to hearing from you.